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The Parish of Alkham is in an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty that lies in a valley from Hawkinge in the west to River in the east, covering a distance of about 5 miles.


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  • The Alkham Newsletter (ca. 1992), current & archives back to 2008

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  •  page, a sign of things to come for alkham.org

  • Articles on various topics written by local residents for newsletter

  • A Virtual Tour Map: a bit of the old with some new (satellite imagery)

Content of interest, navigation menu to the left.

  • Historical images & tributes to Alkham's Fallen Heroes

  • Re-discovered photos from a number of sources

  • Public ROW Walking Trails - short, medium & long ones in detail

  • Contact Info for Council, Police, Flood, Fire, Utility Emergencies


Are you "new" in town?.  Here are some resources:

Book for Sale: A brief History Alkham Parish

  • 4th edition (2020), 52pp, 2.50, Produced by Brian Wimsett

  • Based on a book by Susan Lees & Roy Humphreys (1983)

  • Sample pages here. Mail brian@alkham.org to get a copy.

Sightseeing Links

Our Parish Council & Other Nearby Councils

  • Alkham  (small mess)  |  Temple Ewell  (larger mess)
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  • Whitfield   |  River (Better)

With a 9k precept, this parish sites makes many others look "bad"