Friends of St Anthony was set up in March 2009 to support and raise money for the preservation of the building that is the church for the benefice of Alkham, Capel and Hougham. The normal day to day church expenses will remain the responsibility of the regular churchgoers.


To date we have raised about £24,000 of which £10,000 was from another local charitable trust. The rest of the money was obtained  through donations and a number of events such as quizzes, a barn dance,  a guitar concert and producing Christmas cards and calendars. In addition we received money from an annual charity cricket match in the village. Gift Aid has also been reclaimed from HMRC.

The church ceiling has been replaced in the main part of the church and the Friends have paid a portion of this cost. The Friends have also paid for numerous repairs to the church.

In 2018 a toilet and kitchenette is being installed in the church and part of the cost of this will be met by the Friends.


Supporters donít have to be a believer or worshipper but just have the desire to save St. Anthonyís for future generations whether it be used for secular or religious activities. If you would like to become involved with the Friends or just like further information please